Travel and Hotel Surveys

Give Your Travellers First-Class Treatment!

Today, as travellers search for convenience, quality and value from an ever-greater number of providers, business goes to those who consistently exceed expectations. General customer satisfaction surveys give you a tool to discover exactly what your customers need, but you want a specific travel survey in order to create happy travellers—and repeat customers.

Use Surveys to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Travel—from arranging it to embarking on it—can be quite the challenging experience. Can you make it better? Use surveys to discover how you can make your customers feel like first-class travellers!

  • Client experience. Do your customers enjoy their experience with your travel agency or online booking service? Are you making travel easier for them? Identify areas of excellence and opportunity for improvement, and use that information to focus your investments.
  • Guest stay. Are you delighting your guests during their stay at your hotel, motel, resort, inn or retreat? Even a vacation homeowner renting out their property on AirBnB or VRBO can benefit from guest feedback. Ask for feedback regularly to identify ways to improve or enhance their experience.
  • Loyalty programs. An abundance of loyalty programs exist, and customers can be fickle. Find out what it is that keeps your hotel, airline, or agency customers coming back for more, including that personal service or the customised offers they just can’t refuse.
  • Tour evaluation. Ask your customers to provide feedback on your package tour, safari or getaway adventure. What did they think of the quality and cost? Would they happily recommend the experience and your company?
  • Tourist feedback. Tourism is big business—is your municipality benefitting? Is your locale known for its hospitality? Find out what makes a visit to your fair city or town memorable, or what it might take to make yours a preferred travel destination.
  • Packages and promotions. What do your customers want? Flights? Flights and hotels? Flights, hotels and rental cars? Or something altogether different? Survey your customers to find out what travel packages they’re looking for when they visit your online discount travel site.

Sample Travel and Hospitality Surveys (some templates available only in English)

Build customer loyalty. Use surveys to find out what your customers think of your travel or hospitality services—and what it would take to keep them coming back. Start with one of our survey templates and use it as is, or customise a survey to meet your needs.

  • Customer Satisfaction. Do you delight your customers? Use this survey to find out if your travel agency, airline or hotel is a pleasure to do business with, and if your customers would happily recommend you to others.
  • Customer Service. Make-or-break moments happen when issues arise. Find out if your customers left an encounter with your service representative or staff feeling happy or less than satisfied, and use this information to ensure that the relationship is on the right track.
  • Hotel Feedback. The moment of truth: Survey your guests to find out what they thought of their experience at your hotel, including your staff’s friendliness and efficiency; room cleanliness and amenities; the concierge service; the quality of the bed, food and dining experience; and overall value. Ask if they would recommend your hotel to others—and use this information to shape future loyalty offers.
  • Airline Passenger Feedback. Ask your customers how they purchase their airline tickets. Are they members of airline loyalty or rewards programs? Which airlines to they prefer? What additional amenities are they willing to pay for or forego when flying? Use this survey to discover your customers’ airline preferences and to create the offers that will build loyalty.
  • Vacation Travel. Build repeat business for your travel agency by understanding your clients’ vacation travel preferences. Survey them to discover their favourite destinations and how important safety, cost and distance are when they consider vacation travel. Find out how soon they plan to travel so you can research and present special offers—and build an ongoing relationship.
  • Business Travel. As you work with clients to arrange their vacation travel, explore additional opportunities for arranging their business travel.
  • Website Feedback. Survey customers to find out how they’re using your site. Do they visit primarily to do research? Do a little competitive shopping? Or purchase conveniently online? Use Filters to explore responses and determine if you’re offering travellers the information and incentives they need to purchase on your site.
  • Use the SurveyMonkey Email Collector to add a list of emails into SurveyMonkey and send a unique survey link through a message delivered by the SurveyMonkey mail server. You can then track individuals’ responses, including who has responded, who has not, and who has opted-out.
  • Get the insights you need to develop your new travel or hospitality offering, determine pricing or placing, or shape your promotion. SurveyMonkey Audience gives you access to millions of respondents ready to provide the answers you need.

Quick Tips for Improving Response Rates

Use these ideas to encourage customers to complete your surveys..

  1. Use direct questions. Choose from the many survey question types to make sure you are gathering the correct information.
  2. Offer incentives. Incentives like a small discount or an entry into a drawing can help you pull more responses.
  3. Be brief! Keep your surveys short; ask only for the information you need.
  4. Prepare your survey in multiple languages. Many of your respondents may not be native speakers of the language of your country, so consider preparing your survey in multiple languages, especially if your business caters to international travellers.
  5. Are you looking for more survey types and survey examples?

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