The Big Ask: UK Edition

If you could get the whole country's answer to one question, what would that question be? We did just that with the UK's Big Ask!


What’s so big about The Big Ask?

SurveyMonkey asked the entire UK what questions they’d like answered. And 12,000 people across the country answered them.

The good news – Brits agree about a lot. But they also had diverse opinions about plenty of topics, some of which have been getting a lot of attention recently. Check out the infographic below for all of the results.

  • Almost no one likes Donald Trump
  • Northern Ireland is the most optimistic region in the UK
  • People from London see immigration in the most positive light

See the results!

The results are in!


What is the Big Ask: UK Edition?

In The Big Ask, SurveyMonkey set out to conduct the biggest UK survey outside of an election or census, by allowing every Briton the opportunity to ask anything of their countrymen and women.The Big Ask sought to identify not only the issues most important to the United Kingdom, but how its citizenry feels about them.

By handing the population the power to interrogate itself, the survey identified the questions that you most wanted to get the answers to. After collecting those questions, SurveyMonkey turned around and asked them to people of UK. 12,000 members of the UK shared how they feel about topics such as immigration and US politics to happiness and patriotism. The results were telling… view the videos.

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