Work smarter with team plans

Start pulling the right people into your survey projects and give everyone access to advanced collaboration tools. With team accounts, you can work with 3 or more people to create, edit, and analyze your surveys.

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Empower your team and save money over individual plans.

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Give all the right people the right access with team accounts

With multi-user teams, you decide when to work alone and when (and how) to work with your colleagues.

  • Everyone on your team can create an unlimited number of smart, customized surveys and quizzes at any time
  • All team members can collect unlimited responses via email, Facebook messenger, QR codes, or by posting links online
  • Every team member has the same analyze tools and you can allow them access to any survey data you’ve collected
  • Everyone can create reports in just a few clicks and share insights with people outside of your SurveyMonkey team

Discounted pricing for education teams

Learn about our flexible plans for education and university-wide licensing.

Collaborate for better, faster results

Team plans make it easier to get started—and keep moving—on all your survey projects.

  • Collaborate with fine control over who can view and edit your surveys
  • Build surveys faster by creating a team library to share templates, logos, or other assets
  • Invite comments on survey drafts and results—and set up alerts to keep everyone in the loop about new response data
  • Discover insights quickly by analyzing data, sharing filters and views, and creating reports together

Share surveys across teams and departments

Get scalability, access controls, advanced features, and integrations that allow survey data to be used in your favorite workgroup apps.

Not sure who you need on your team?

Whether you have colleagues with an eye for design or an affinity for analytics, team plans help everyone play to their strengths.

Here are just some ways to work on survey projects:


From picking templates to deciding which questions to ask, creators can help kickstart survey projects and get them moving in the right direction.


Connectors can figure out what to improve and who to inform about survey projects. They can also keep an eye on results and ping people when data is relevant to them.


Want to roll up your sleeves and get into the data? Analysts can share out the high-level results in just a few clicks or use filters and more to uncover additional insights.

Work smarter with team plans

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