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Don’t have time to write a survey? Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry – we’ve got nearly 200 survey templates for most topics to help you get started! Whether you need a market research survey, a customer satisfaction questionnaire or a political poll, you can rely on us to obtain the People Powered Data that will help your organization reach its goals.

Our survey templates are written by experts and completely customizable, so you can use our sample survey questions, edit them so that they fit your survey goals perfectly, or even add new questions.

By using one of our sample survey templates, you’ll get actionable data you can count on. Here are a few examples of the online questionnaires that will help you quench your curiosity and meet your research goals.

Academic Surveys

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Event Planning Surveys

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Market Research Surveys

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Employee Surveys

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Political Surveys

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Education Surveys

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Use our benchmarks to compare your survey results to industry averages

Getting your survey done is a great step–but only the first one. To take your knowledge to the next level, you can use benchmarks that allow you to compare your survey results across industries. Then you will really know where you stand compared to your peers and competitors.

Are you an industry leader in customer loyalty, customer satisfaction or employee engagement? Are you trying to become one? What do you need to do it? Find out by comparing your online survey results easily through SurveyMonkey Benchmarks.

These are some of our benchmarkable survey templates:

Customer Satisfaction

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Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS)

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Website Feedback

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K-12 Parent Feedback

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Event Feedback

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Employee Engagement

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Net Promoter Score is a trademark of Bain & Company, Inc, Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and F. Reichheld.

More survey templates

We have plenty more sample survey templates to help you get the most accurate and reliable survey results and save you time by letting you send questionnaires to anyone, anytime.

Our team of survey scientists created these templates so you can be sure you’re sending balanced, accurate survey questions and polls to your customers, students, patients, or employees. Check out our entire list of sample polls and example questionnaires for even more inspiration.

And if you’re looking for a customer feedback template that helps you collect testimonials and turn them into presentation-ready marketing content, you can check out our content marketing automation software, TechValidate.

Academic Research & University Surveys

Getting feedback is an important way to gauge success in an academic environment. Send surveys to help students improve, or prepare for important events. Get feedback on faculty performance to help improve academic outcomes.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

You can get truly satisfied customers when you start really listening to their needs. Surveys are the perfect place to start. Evaluate how employees interact with customers or use surveys to understand how customers want you to improve.

Healthcare Surveys

Sending online healthcare surveys has huge advantages over paper surveys. Centralize all your patient feedback and healthcare employee feedback in a HIPAA-compliant SurveyMonkey account to see the whole picture.

Employee & HR Surveys

A happy, productive workplace starts with an open line of communication between management and employees. Use surveys to make sure employee engagement is high and that managers are performing their duties.

Education & School Surveys

Keeping parents in the loop is a necessity for maintaining a healthy academic environment. That includes collecting feedback from both parents and teachers to make sure all students are receiving the academic support they need.

Market Research & Marketing Templates

Whether you’re planning to release a product or want to get a pulse on your target market, market research surveys can help you understand consumers, what they want, and how they’re different.

Nonprofit Organization Surveys

Administering a nonprofit organization is tough work and collecting feedback is a critical part of it. Make sure your donors and volunteers are satisfied with the way you’re using their resources or collect information on organizations to understand how they’re run.

Public Opinion & Political Surveys

Practically nothing is better at tracking public opinion than surveys. But in a discipline where accuracy is so important, you have to make sure you’re asking the right questions. Use political survey templates written by experts to make sure your data is perfect.

Remember to check out our full list of survey templates to find the one that will perfectly suit your goals. Our survey experts have created the online questionnaires that will get you the unique people powered data your organization needs. Jump in and start getting answers today!

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