Survey Design Services

Get expert help with your survey.

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If you need a little guidance to get your survey just right, we’ve got a team of experts who are here to help. When you sign up for SurveyMonkey Audience, you get access to survey design services for an extra fee.

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Please note: Survey design and survey programming are only available to English language customers.

If you’re a SurveyMonkey Audience customer, you can get comprehensive survey programming, including: identifying objectives, finding survey respondents who fit your specifications, custom branding, and questionnaire writing. Our service starts by helping you create an online survey from questions you’ve written. We’ll program your questions into SurveyMonkey, help pick the right question types and formats, and set up advanced logic.

How we make survey design easy

Our survey design services use our expertise to make sure you get the results you expect from your surveys. We help businesses, nonprofits, researchers, and all sorts of organisations when:

  • It just has to be right. Our survey professionals employ established methodology to get you the best survey possible.
  • You have too much to do. There are times when your to-do list fills a notebook. We understand. We make it easy to send your survey, so you can focus on other things while the results roll in. You might even get to relax for a minute.
  • You need results you can use. We make sure you get data in a format you can actually analyse—complete with presentation-ready charts and reports.

How it works

Once you’ve decided to use SurveyMonkey Audience to send your survey to the world’s largest panel of on-demand survey respondents, you can:

  1. Send us your survey questions, logo, and any branding requirements.
  2. Let us create a fully functioning online survey in your account.
  3. Send it out and collect responses (unless you want us to do this, too)!

Our experts offer full-service survey design that includes all of the following:

  • Identify your survey objectives
  • Create your survey questions using sound methodology
  • Review your survey with you and finalize any changes
  • Program your survey into your SurveyMonkey account
  • Send your survey to a targeted audience

If you’re a SurveyMonkey Audience customer, you can also sign up for our Brand Pulse solution, which tracks the success of your marketing efforts over time and compares them with other industry leaders. Or use our Concept Assessment solution to test the success of ideas, ads, or creative before going to market.

Help for DIY survey design and survey programming

Here are a few ideas if you want to get started on your own. As anyone who has ever deployed a survey knows, your questions have to be just right in order to get the most useful results. You can follow the tips in our guides:

  • How to create surveys – The first, most important step is to know your objective. Why are you surveying? What insights are you hoping to gain? What data do you need? Make sure you’re clear on the purpose of your survey—and your survey is sure to be a success!
  • How to conduct surveys – Doing some homework before you start surveying will have a gigantic payoff. Planning out the survey process will make sure that your survey launch goes off without a hitch, and gets you the answers you need.
  • Tips for effective questionnaires – The go-to guide for creating better survey questions.
  • Likert scale – A Likert scale measures attitudes and behaviours using answer choices that range from one extreme to another. This guide gives you best practices on how to use a Likert rating scale in your survey.

If you’re ever short on time or you’re not quite sure how to program your questionnaire, remember we’re here to help. We will incorporate survey design best practices to help you get the data you need to make the best decisions.