StandOut Global Engagement Index

tmbc_logo_iconIf you lead a team or organisation, you know one of the best ways to retain and attract top talent is to assess and monitor employee engagement regularly.

In fact, thousands of organisations rely on SurveyMonkey to ask their employees the right questions—and get the answers that help them drive targeted changes to the employee experience.

But what if you want to get a quick snapshot of your team’s engagement level on a regular basis? And how do you know if your employees’ level of engagement is better (or worse) than average?

We’ve partnered with the talent management experts at TMBC to offer a new approach to employee engagement.

Based on the ideas of thought leader Marcus Buckingham, our StandOut Engagement Pulse Survey Template is a short survey designed to take the pulse of your team. As a team leader, you can send this survey to your team members. When you view your results in SurveyMonkey’s Analyse tool, you see your Global Engagement Index (GEI), a score based on your survey results.  Use the GEI to benchmark your own progress internally, and get invaluable context for your results by comparing your score to other teams.

More about TMBC

TMBC, founded by Buckingham, has deep expertise in the talent management space. Buckingham has written multiple well-received books on topics such as strengths-based leadership and engagement, and at SurveyMonkey, we believe in his approach. That’s why we’re excited to offer his system to SurveyMonkey customers via the StandOut Engagement Pulse Survey Template and GEI.

Buckingham’s unique approach to employee engagement includes a number of exciting new ideas:

  • Employee Engagement should be measured and addressed at the team level by the team leader
  • Surveys should be short and delivered frequently (e.g., quarterly)
  • Today’s workforce is globally distributed, and team leaders should be aware that attitudes towards engagement differ globally
  • Team leaders need a metric or score to monitor how engaged their teams really are

How to use the StandOut Engagement Pulse Survey Template

Here are some tips for using the StandOut Engagement Pulse Survey Template effectively:

  • Don’t modify the survey template—use it as is to be sure you get an accurate GEI for benchmarking purposes
  • Send out the survey every quarter to track engagement trends
  • Use multiple collectors on a single survey to watch your score change over time
  • When collecting results, make sure to stress that your employees’ responses are anonymous. Here’s some language you can use when you send the survey:

Hi Team,

We’re using the StandOut Engagement Pulse Survey to measure team engagement. This survey is completely anonymous, so please answer honestly.


[Your name here]

How to use the GEI

The Global Engagement Index is a metric that answers the question, “How engaged is my team?” By looking at your GEI and comparing it to the StandOut Global Benchmark, you immediately find out the engagement levels on your team, and you can act to address problem areas, or build on areas of strength.


The GEI takes into account global differences in attitudes toward engagement and relies on the proprietary research of TMBC’s experts to calculate the score based on your team’s responses, so you can focus on leading your team.

We’ll also provide you with a second metric which shows what percentage of your team is fully engaged. This will help you better understand your GEI (Does a mediocre score mean that some employees are very disengaged? Or that all employees are moderately disengaged?) and give you valuable additional context.

To use the GEI, simply send the StandOut Engagement Pulse Survey Template to your team. You need a minimum of three responses to get your score. You’ll also have to provide us with some basic information about the team so we can provide relevant comparisons.