School Program Fit Survey Template

Expert template imageWhen you want to make your students feel at ease, ask parents to fill out the school program fit survey template. The Harvard Graduate School of Education created these methodologically sound questions to help you understand how well your school’s culture aligns with your students’ needs. From asking parents about your school’s teaching style to discipline habits, this survey gives you the insights for actionable results.

What’s in the school program fit template – Harvard Graduate School of Education survey template?

This survey asks parents to assess how well their child fits into their school’s overall culture. How well do the activities at the school match their child’s interests? Does their child feel like they belong? How comfortable is their child with asking help from school adults? Make sure your students are comfortable at you school if you want to nourish their development and growth. You can customise this template or add questions to make this survey more specific to your school.

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