School Climate Survey Template

Expert template imageGet a feel for your school’s environment when you give your students’ parents the school climate survey. This expert-certified survey template was created by the Harvard Graduate School of Education to help you gauge the overall attitudes that govern your school’s atmosphere. Whether you want to know about how much your school values diversity or how motivating classroom lessons are, use this survey to find out where you need to make improvements.

What’s in the school climate survey – Harvard Graduate School of Education Survey Template?

This school climate survey template asks parents to share their thoughts on many of the issues that affect a school’s climate. What do parents think about how well administrators create an atmosphere that helps children learn? How fairly does the school evaluate its students? How much respect do teachers have for their students? Ask parents these questions and more to assess the overall ability of your school to foster learning and meet students’ needs. Customise this template and add questions to find to make this survey specific to your school.

To create a survey using the School Climate survey template, just sign up or sign in to SurveyMonkey. You’ll be able to choose the template when you begin creating a survey.