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Plan updates

We’ve recently made major improvements to our platform and plan selection to help you easily work with others on survey projects, build even better surveys and reach your audience in more ways.

All your surveys and data are safely stored in your account and not affected by plan updates.

If you previously purchased a PLATINUM plan, you now have a PREMIER plan that includes every tool and feature from your previous plan. We haven’t removed any features from your account. You can still:

  • Send unlimited surveys and access unlimited responses
  • Use advanced survey logic features to create smart, customised surveys
  • Export your survey results into spreadsheets, presentations and more
  • White label your surveys to show off your brand

New PREMIER features

Your PREMIER plan includes several new features – along with tools we’ve recently added to our platform. All new features and tools are available in your account right now. Start using your new tools today to:

Easily work with others on your survey projects

  • Invite someone to use your 1 additional team seat
  • Ask anyone for feedback on surveys with commenting
  • Access even more 3rd-party integrations to work across teams

See Details →

Build better surveys that work harder

  • Improve your surveys and response rates with SurveyMonkey Genius
  • Get more responses with a faster survey-taking experience for mobile and web

See Details →

Reach your audience in more ways

  • Create quizzes for compliance, testing, training and more
  • Find people in your target market to take your survey
  • Send surveys via Facebook Messenger, Slack and other chat apps

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Do you have a specific question about changes to your plan? Get in touch with us at any time. Contact us now →

Easily work with others on your survey projects

It’s now even easier to work directly with another person on your survey projects and also to include additional teammates with commenting and integrations.

Work smarter with a teammate

Your plan now includes two user accounts. Both you and another person get all the features from your previous plan along with collaboration tools to easily create, edit and analyse surveys. Also, with a shared library of assets such as logos, images and survey templates, you can quickly create on-brand surveys. Invite someone to use your free team seat now. Go to My Account →

Get feedback from anyone on survey drafts

We’ve also recently updated our platform to include commenting on survey drafts. You can invite anyone to comment – all you need is their email address to invite them. With commenting, you can obtain the feedback you need to build better surveys. Everyone can see existing comments and respond to them. And you get all your feedback in one place, making it easier to wrap up survey projects faster. Learn more about commenting →

Put your surveys to work in more places

We’ve also added new 3rd-party integrations, making it even easier to share survey results with your entire team in apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. And you also have access to integrations that help you extract and leverage your survey data. Save time by integrating surveys into the applications you use every day – from Slack to Salesforce and from MailChimp to Zendesk. See all integrations →

Build better surveys that work harder

You now have even more tools to help you improve the quality of your surveys and get more responses.

Improve your response rates with SurveyMonkey Genius

Predict how your survey will perform – before you send it. Use SurveyMonkey Genius to get a quality score, estimated completion rates and, if needed, easy next steps to improve your survey. See how to use SurveyMonkey Genius →

Get more responses to every survey you send

Our faster survey-taking experience is optimised for both mobile and web. With auto-scrolling and fewer clicks, your survey-takers can quickly respond to your surveys, anywhere and anytime. Plus, your surveys will look great on any device, ensuring that your brand always looks polished and professional. Check out the new experience by creating a survey today. Create a survey →

Reach your audience in more ways

Your plan also includes more ways to connect with the people who matter most to you.

Quizzes are a great tool for testing and more

Easily create assessments for your employees, students or others. With automatic scoring, you get real-time results about both quiz takers and their answers. And you can allow quiz takers to see their score straight away – plus corrected answers.

Quizzes are a simple way to obtain baseline assessments and can also help you track results over time. Corporate training and compliance quizzes make it easy to see whether employees understand company policies, approved procedures, their specific duties and more. You can also use quizzes to re-engage with customers online by posting a fun quiz on your social media channels. Create a quiz now →

Get people to take your surveys

We’ve added Audience panel credits to your plan, so you can try our market research platform. Get people to take your survey and enjoy real-time feedback from people around the world. It only takes a few minutes to set up an Audience panel survey, and you can easily get the opinions of potential customers or people who you might not be able to reach otherwise. Simply select demographic attributes to really zero in on your target audience. Learn more about SurveyMonkey Audience →

Send surveys that look like conversations

We’ve recently added new ways to send surveys via chat applications, so you can create surveys that look like instant-message conversations. Get started with our Facebook Messenger template or send surveys via Slack.

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