Pre K-12 Parent Survey Template

Expert template imageDo you want to know what parents are learning from their children about your teaching or school? Written by experts at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, this survey template gives school administrators and teachers the information they need to understand their school’s strengths and weaknesses. From parent engagement to parent and student demographics, this template is designed to give you the answers you need in order to meet your students’ (and their parents’) needs.

What’s in the Pre-K-12 parent survey – Harvard Graduate School of Education parent survey template?

This 80-question Pre K-12 parent survey template asks parents to answer questions about all aspects of their child’s education. How well do they feel the school is preparing their child for the next year? How regularly does their child read for fun? Do they think the teachers respect the students? When you know the answers to these questions, you can focus your efforts on improving specific aspects of your teaching or school and how parents help to further their children’s goals. Customise this template or add questions to find out more about your school’s specific teachers, events or programmes.

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