Parent Self-Efficacy Survey Template

Expert template imagePart of your job, as a teacher or school administrator, is interacting with the parents of your students. The parent self-efficacy survey was created by experts at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to get you essential information on how much parents feel they have the power to influence their children’s school experience. Find out how confident parents are that they can affect their children’s education to start a discussion on how parents can work to further their children’s goals.

What’s in the parent self-efficacy survey template – Harvard Graduate School of Education Parent Survey?

This survey asks parents how confident they are in their ability to affect how their child experiences their education. How confident are parents that they can nurture their child’s social relationships? Can parents communicate well with the parents of other children? How confident are they that they can make sure their child’s school is meeting their learning needs? When you get these answers, you can help parents feel more involved in their child’s education. Customise or add questions to this survey template to get results specific to your class or institution.

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