Parent Engagement Survey Template

Expert template imageAre parents helping their child’s school meet their goals? The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s experts created a methodologically sound parent engagement survey so that you can gauge parent interest in their child’s education. From parent participation in fundraising activities to whether or not they meet with teachers, these survey questions show you if parent involvement is lacking.

What’s in the parent engagement survey – Harvard Graduate School of Education parent survey template?

If you’re a teacher or administrator, you can find out if parents are supporting their children’s education beyond just sending them to school. How involved are they at their child’s school? How often do they meet with their child’s teacher? Do they participate in school fundraising events? Find out more about what happens on the parent-side of things so you can encourage parent involvement where it’s at its weakest. You can customise this template or add questions to find out other ways parents may be interested in supporting your school.

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