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Yes? No? Maybe? Use online polls for instant feedback.

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Sometimes you want a quick bit of feedback from your audience.

What’s the best time for the yoga class you’re teaching? Which of six choices is the perfect name for that new yoghurt flavour? Where should the team hold its next offsite meeting? Who will win the next election?

A super tool for on-the-spot feedback, online polls let you check in with your audience or customers at any time. When you do, you are sending the message that you know they’re there and their opinions matter.

How to Use Online Polls

Create and deliver online polls quickly and easily. If you don’t already have a SurveyMonkey account, sign up for free and you can create and launch your online poll in minutes. To create an online poll, just:

1. Compose your question

(or a few short questions) with tips from our best practices about how to create and conduct surveys or start with certified sample questions from our Question Bank.

2. Email or post the link

to your poll online – or display it in a pop-up window on your blog or website.

3. Get results

then make better decisions or share the results of the poll with your audience.

Using online polls is an easy way to ask your audience for instant feedback about just about anything. Here are a few ways you can use SurveyMonkey polls:

Audience Engagement

Add an element of fun to the experience by using online polls to keep your website visitors or Facebook or Twitter followers interested and engaged.

Market Research

Gather customer opinions about new product or service offerings.

Event Planning and Feedback

Assess preferences for potential venues or agendas. Invite attendees to rate locations, entertainment, speakers, refreshments and more.

Course Feedback

Poll students for quick answers during instruction or lectures. Obtain feedback about instructor performance or specific classes.

Volunteer Organisation

Run polls to mobilise volunteers, collect RSVPs for events and to gather data from the field.

Academic Research

Quickly poll a sample audience with your preliminary research theories before investing significant time into developing a detailed hypothesis

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

“On a scale of zero to 10, how likely are you to refer to a friend or colleague?” The collective results to this question can help you discover ways to improve customer engagement.


Mac or PC? iPhone or Android? Laptop or Desktop? Poll your friends about what their favourite technical gadgets are and know what to surprise them with on their next birthday.


Agencies and government offices can quickly gauge citizen feedback to proposed changes or gather suggestions with an online poll.

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Polls

1. Keep it short and simple

Use a multiple choice format, with a maximum of one to five questions for quick polling.

2. Make it about them

Use polls to encourage your audience’s engagement. Ask for their opinions and preferences – and make it fun!

3. Keep rating scale questions consistent

If you’re using Likert scales, use the same points system for all questions. If 1 means “extremely satisfied” and 5 means “extremely dissatisfied,” maintain it across your short poll.

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3 quick tips to improve survey response rates

Here are some ideas to ensure that respondents will answer your surveys.

1. Be quick

If your survey is short and sweet, there's a greater chance that more respondents will complete it.

2. Offer incentives

Little incentives like small discount or an entry into a drawing can help ensure respondents complete your survey.

3. Buy a targeted audience

With SurveyMonkey Audience, you can purchase access to an audience who meets specific demographic criteria for your survey. It's a great way to get targeted responses from a specific group.

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Unlimited surveys

Send as many surveys and quizzes as you want—even with free plans.

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Easily create and send professional surveys. Get reliable results quickly.

Expert approved

Access pre-written questions and templates approved by our survey scientists.

Real-time results

Check results on the go from any device. Spot trends as data comes in.

Fresh ideas

Surveys give you more than just answers. Get feedback and new perspectives.

Actionable data

Extract and share insights from your data with your team.