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How did the annual full English breakfast go – and how might you get a better turnout next year? How did attendees feel about the silent auction? How can you reach new donors or identify giving patterns? A cost-effective way to gather market research, online surveys and questionnaires can help no-profit organisations gauge interest in events and fundraisers, gain a better understanding of donors’ reasons for contributing and reach earned revenue goals. Surveys can help you identify areas of interest to constituents, get to know your users’ opinions and keep those who are funding you happy. Non-profit organisation survey results can help you uncover the metrics you need to track in order to drive improvements so that you can spend more time transforming your vision into a reality.

Common Areas of Focus for Non-Profits Using Online Surveys

  • Marketing research. Getting the word out about your mission and vision is vital for advancing your cause. Take this valuable opportunity to tell your story and get your prospects excited about helping you. Test messaging concepts, including potential taglines and logos. Does your brand identity effectively communicate your services and expertise? Via which marketing channels will you most effectively reach your audience? You can also gather ideas about fresh content that your prospects will find compelling and useful – all by sending out a marketing survey.
  • Event planning. Non-profits use surveys for pre- and post-event feedback. Gauge interest on activities that donors, partners, volunteers and staff members would be likely to attend or willing to participate in. Which venues are most accessible or convenient for attendees? Use an event planning survey to manage contact information and gain insights from your key audience about an array of events, including training, strategy sessions and campaigns, in order to gain a better understanding of funding sources, demographics, staffing and more.
  • Gathering donor feedback. Send out an online questionnaire to understand the opinions, motivations, attitudes and giving patterns of your current and prospective donors. Poll your supporters to discover who comprises your base. Why do they support your cause or organisation? Which issues would they like your organisation to focus on? Start a conversation with these influential groups, identify growth opportunities and leverage these insights in order to increase donor support and fundraising efficiency. Use a donor feedback survey template to get started.
  • Online fundraising. With the advent of social web and the rise of e-commerce, it’s hardly a surprise that online charitable giving is also growing in popularity. Re you trying to gauge the viability of collecting donations online for your organisation? Do you wonder how other charities, NGOs or non-profit foundations have fared in their foray into digital donations? Then get started by taking a look at our online fundraising survey template.
  • Strategic planning. Are there ways to lower fundraising costs? Should you retool your current fundraising strategy? How can you best guide membership and development efforts? What’s the best way to manage the vital relationships with donors, patrons and members in order to drive results? Which types of loyalty programmes would benefit your organisation? Use a questionnaire to find the answers to these types of questions that are critical to the success of your organisation.
  • Volunteer management. How can you improve retention and recruiting processes? What feedback can you gather from volunteer coordinators, managers and organisers? Is your organisation following volunteer management best practices; and what opportunities for improvement exist within it? How can policymakers spearhead support for volunteer resources or connect volunteers to associations? Using a volunteer recruitment and placement team survey can help you obtain the answers you need.
  • Volunteer satisfaction survey. Obtain actionable volunteer feedback to keep them coming back to support your cause. Do volunteers feel that they have access to adequate training and mentoring resources? Can they easily access the information they need? Use surveys to evaluate why and when volunteers are leaving, and facilitate regular communication to ensure that you’re giving them the support they need. Also, make sure that if you are asking volunteers to rate something, they will need at least five data points to choose from (called a “Likert scale).”
  • 360-degree feedback. Know what it takes to get on the same page. Achieve organisational alignment and increase the effectiveness of your employees. Non-profits can use a 360-degree employee evaluation template to evaluate employee performance based on feedback from supervisors, peers and subordinates. This type of feedback is focused on employee assessment from multiple perspectives. You might also consider asking your own staff to rate their own job performance by using self-assessment surveys. Have they achieved the goals set at the beginning of the quarter or year? Were the goals that were set for them reasonable and achievable?
  • Board governance. In the face of a delicate economy, many non-profits are faced with increasing demands and shrinking revenues. Management and governance are critical to the success and sustainability of your organisation. Identify obstacles and challenges; explore potential solutions to enhance governance practices; work out exactly how you must retool your strategic plans. Are there any new revenue streams that you might be able to tap into? Answer all of these questions by sending out an online survey.
  • Association member satisfaction questionnaire. Are current members engaged and satisfied? Do they have ample networking opportunities? Are they satisfied with current membership benefits? Are member events valuable/useful? Would current members recommend membership to their own colleagues? Send out an online survey to find out.

3 Tips for Getting Started with Your Non-Profit Survey

  1. Clarity is king Similar to the use cases noted above, think about which questions you are seeking the answers to and hone in on specific objectives. Are you trying to determine the quality and effectiveness of a strategic planning session? Or are you aiming to align staff members’ goals to the broader vision of the organisation?
  2. Introduce your objective with a brief sentence that provides context. Tell survey takers why you’re asking these questions and how their feedback will help, e.g. “Your suggestions will help us to better understand how we can retain and recruit more volunteers.”.
  3. Test drive your survey with a handful of people who are a representative sample of your intended audience. Consider running your survey by peers or colleagues. This is a good way to work out whether the questions you’re asking are the ones that will help you achieve the objectives you’ve defined.

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