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At SurveyMonkey, we help individuals, communities and businesses communicate, collaborate and make informed decisions with our online survey solutions. We are building a team of highly-talented, passionate people to deliver innovative, easy-to-use solutions and provide excellent support to our customers.

Join us as we execute on our mission to enable thousands of people to participate in creative endeavors, garner essential insights into business and personal affairs, and make better plans and decisions in a fast-moving world.

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Ruby on Rails Engineer


Remote, San Mateo

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About SurveyMonkey

Founded in 1999, SurveyMonkey is the world’s leading platform for turning people’s voices and opinions into actionable data — People Powered Data. Whether it’s with customers, employees, or a target market, SurveyMonkey helps curious individuals and companies — including 99% of the Fortune 500 — have conversations at scale with the people who matter most. It’s People Powered Data that allows them to understand not only “what” is happening, but “why.” SurveyMonkey’s 700+ employees throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific are dedicated to powering the curious.

About SurveyMonkey Business Solutions

SurveyMonkey’s platform is used for a myriad of purposes across a broad spectrum of industries. That leaves ample opportunity to build targeted products that solve a specific problem. That’s where our team comes in. We’re responsible for building standalone solutions that address the needs of businesses.

So far, we’ve built three:

We operate each product as a small startup within the larger SurveyMonkey organization. This affords us flexibility to quickly try new ideas, but with the resources of larger company. Our goal is to build high growth, profitable businesses that leverage the enormous user base of SurveyMonkey.

The Team

Our small team is responsible for building products from soup to nuts. We wear many hats and span both the technical stack and departments. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues who have successfully launched and sold numerous products.

Most of us choose to focus on one solution at a time. We feel this allows us to fully embrace and understand our customer needs and develop a deep technical understanding of the problem domain. However, we are also committed to sharing our work - not just with each other, but via open source contributions.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for a mid-level or senior developer with a deep understanding of all aspects of the web application stack. You should care about the quality of your code, user experience, and how your choices impact the business as a whole. You need to be able to evaluate tradeoffs and make decisions.

Our team has been building Rails applications for over ten years. That experience has solidified our belief that the default Rails stack is the single best way to build web applications.  While we shy away from complexity (like front end frameworks), we are quick to embrace tools that give us leverage (ActionCable, Turbolinks) or improve developer happiness (ES6, Webpacker).

If this mindset speaks to you, please include a cover letter along with your resume to introduce yourself. Our team puts a lot of stock in written communication. Plus, we’d appreciate a sense of your personality.

Why Work Here?

We are a remote team. As long as your work day overlaps the Pacific time zone by at least four hours, where you live and work is up to you. You will be asked to travel a few times a year for a full team meeting. We use this time not only for larger planning discussions, but also for a little social interaction. In the past year, we’ve gone bowling in Phoenix and made sushi in San Francisco.

We are strong believers in work-life balance. We know world class work can be done in just forty hours a week when distractions are minimized and the pace is sustainable. If you consider yourself to be a manager of one, this role is a great fit.

We offer competitive salaries, medical/dental benefits, generous PTO, 401k, paid holidays, and equity compensation.

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