How Hooked Are You?

Get a breakdown of your daily app usage

Are you a phone addict? Do you spend too much time surfing Facebook or playing Candy Crush? Hooked, a new app habit tracker, shows you which apps you use the most so you can better manage your time!



Available for free on Google Play and the App Store, Hooked can help you set limits on the time you spend using each app, reorder your most used apps for easier access, delete the apps you never use to save space, and more!

  • See how much time you spend using each app
  • Compare your stats against the average app user
  • Hide apps you don’t want to track

Contribute Your Activities

Hooked also allows you to directly influence the decisions of individuals and organisations worldwide. Your app usage data is collected, aggregated, and shared with our most trusted partners to help them build better products and services — all while remaining secure and anonymous.

For more information on what data Hooked collects and how it’s used, visit our App Privacy Policy.