High School Sports – Student Feedback Survey Template

Expert template imageAlthough all work and no play may make some students stir-crazy, you know it’s important that your student athletes finish their homework. This expert-certified high school sports – student feedback template helps you assess whether or not your school’s sports programs are a good fit for your school. From asking questions on GPA to determining the level of coach and teacher support, this survey helps you better understand what your athletes need to be successful students.

What’s in the High School Sports – Student Feedback Survey Template?

This survey gives you a way to understand the challenges that face your student athletes. How difficult is it for them to balance their school and sports responsibilities? Do their parents pressure them to be athletes? How much support do they receive from their coaches and teachers? When you know how your student athletes are performing on and off the field, you can adjust your school’s expectations and priorities accordingly. If you want to learn more about specific sports programs, coaches, and more, add questions or customise this template.

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