Facebook Survey Template

Expert template imageIf you’re interested in advertising on Facebook or curious how people use Facebook, get feedback from frequent users with this survey. The Facebook template is expert certified to get you accurate insights from the types of Facebook users you’re looking for. This survey covers a range of topics related to Facebook usage, including how many friends people have and how often they post.

What’s in the Facebook Survey Template?

Find out if Facebook is the best platform for your marketing needs, or use this survey to help support your research project. How much time do people spend a day on social networking websites? What Facebook apps or games do they use? How often do they use the Facebook chat feature? Discover usage patterns, and learn the best way to reach your target audience on Facebook. Want to remove or add questions? It’s simple to customise this survey to suit your needs.

To create a survey using the Facebook survey template, just sign up or sign in to SurveyMonkey. You’ll be able to choose the template when you begin creating a survey.