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Have you ever been involved in planning an event such as a conference or wedding? Big or small, casual or fancy, business or personal, you know it takes a lot of work.

There’s the venue to book, the menu to plan, invitations to send and RSVPs to gather. As much effort as it takes to put together a great event, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure it’s a success.

At SurveyMonkey, we’ve got the tools you need to create and send an event planning survey that will give you the information you need – before and after the celebration – to continue throwing great parties and corporate events.

How to Use Party Planning Survey Templates

You’ll be known as the organised, go-to event planner that knows how to make things happen when you get the data you need. Here’s how.

Corporate events

When you’re planning an event for your business or workplace, you’ll have to juggle a lot of diverse opinions, requirements and preferences. Before you decide on that team-building exercise, offsite or Christmas party, send out a corporate event survey to gather all of the data you need to make an informed decision. Ask questions such as “Do you have any dietary restrictions?” or “Are there any questions you would like to be addressed at this event?”. Of course, you can customise your questions to be as specific as you like.


You’ll need an accurate headcount to make sure you have enough canapés to go around. Send out a simple RSVP questionnaire to get the names, addresses, the number of people and any other information you need to accurately plan your event.

After-event feedback

Even the most seasoned event planners can learn more about throwing amazing parties. After your event, use one of our event feedback questionnaires to hear how your event went. You can ask general questions such as “How unique was the event?” or more specific questions such as “What did you like about the entertainment event?”. We’ve got templates for entertainment, neighbourhood, professional events and more.

Almost anything can be an event

When people gather, it’s an event. Brunches, bowling nights, sales conferences and wedding receptions are all events that need planning. Ask about anything you want, from the preferred day to the colour scheme to what the signature drink should be. It’s fun and fast; you can send out a poll within a matter of minutes.

3 Tips for A Successful Event Survey

1. Send your post-event survey soon.

As time goes by, the details get a little fuzzy. You’ll want to know exactly what your guests liked, what they didn’t like, and what they’d like to see next time, so get their responses while the event is still fresh in their memory.

2. Be specific.

If you had several entertainment acts throughout your event, a question like, “Did you like the entertainment?” may be difficult to answer. Your attendees may have loved one act but loathed another. Ask about specific entertainers (or food dishes or presenters), and you’ll have a better idea what to do for your next event.

3. Make it anonymous.

Make sure your guests know that their event survey answers are 100% anonymous. In order to gain the most insight, they’ll need to feel free to compliment and criticise freely.

Party, corporate event and conference planning templates


Neighborhood Events Template

Planning a block party, garage sale, BBQ or Christmas event for your neighbourhood? Use our quick, 4-question template to gauge the interests, availability and preferences of your fellow residents.

Preview Template


Neighborhood Feedback Template

After the barricades have come down, the rubbish has been picked up and everyone is safely back in their homes, make sure you follow up with this 19-question neighbourhood feedback questionnaire to see how successful your event was and to get some ideas for the next party.

Preview Template


Endurance Event Feedback Template

Marathons, bike rides, walk-a-thons and other athletic events are good candidates for our endurance event feedback template. Find out what was great, what needs work and what your participants would like to see next time with this 15-question survey.

Preview Template


Entertainment Event Feedback Template

After a party featuring entertainment, find out from your guests what they thought. This 15-question survey will give you feedback on the entertainment, venue and the pre-event information.

Preview Template


General Event Feedback Template

This is a versatile, 10-question event survey template that you can leave as-is or customise to glean more in-depth feedback about your event. Find out about the value for money, cleanliness, staff helpfulness and more.

Preview Template


Event Feedback Survey Template

Geared toward a corporate or company event (but easily customisable), this 15-question feedback template asks questions about the objectives, organisation and speakers.

Preview Template


Professional Event Feedback Template

After your business event or convention, send out a survey to see how successful it was. This 6-question feedback survey covers topics such as vendors, presenters, staff and the venue.

Preview Template


Event Planning Template

This basic, 10-question template is a good starting point for a conference or other event you’re planning. Learn about what your audience wants to see, which questions they’d like addressed, how the registration process went and more.

Preview Template


Event RSVP Template

This super-simple, 4-question RSVP template is a great way to determine who will be attending your party, whether they’ll be bringing others and whether they have any special requests.

Preview Template

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