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Employee engagement is an important driver of organisational success. When employees are engaged with their work, they’re more fulfilled, more productive and more motivated to create satisfied and loyal customers. Measuring engagement can seem a daunting process, but SurveyMonkey has developed a fast and easy way to assess employee engagementand identify successes and areas for improvement.

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Ask the Right Questions

For over a decade, thousands of organisations have used SurveyMonkey to listen to their employees. But many of these surveys aren’t asking the right questions in order to properly assess employee engagement and satisfaction. We’ve worked together to identify these essential questions and created a survey to address these issues: the Employee Engagement Survey.

Research suggests that it’s critical to assess employees’ opinions of their own engagement as well as their perceptions of their colleagues’ conduct. Furthermore, it’s important to assess the conditions of engagement to diagnose areas for improvement. This survey comprehensively addresses these key areas by using a series of scales:

Conditions for engagement:

See the full survey template here.

What makes this survey different?

The survey was adapted from a large body of pre-existing work, including: Macey and Schneider’s work engagement theory, a thorough review of literature and related empirical research as well as input from experts concerning employee relations. Survey items were developed based on a psychometric review of a random sample of 5,000 employees. In addition, a subject matter expert (SME) workshop created a parallel set of items to measure employee engagement and conditions affecting engagement.

Learn more about the question creation process here.

Gain actionable insights and compare your results

Creating an employee engagement survey will help you by providing powerful real-time feedback to help you:

  • Identify areas for improvement to design solutions
  • Assess the impact of initiatives to see whether they are actually working
  • Monitor problem areas
  • Compare results over time and across departments, locations and levels

It can also be useful to obtain some context for your survey results by comparing them with results from other organisations. We offer external benchmarks to find out how your organisation measures up against industry standards and competitors, allowing you to set smarter goals, allocate resources and make targeted improvements that will save you time and money.

Learn more about our benchmark data here

How should the survey be used?

We’ve designed the survey to provide flexibility in meeting your organisation’s needs. Use the full survey or specific scales. Add any other questions that might help you gain insights from your employees that are unique to your organisation. Obtain feedback by sending your survey in a variety of formats. Use our Facebook app, access a survey link (for Twitter and websites) or create an email. Once your insights are in, enjoy real-time results and powerful analytics such as multiple custom reports, filtered and cross-tabbed responses, text analysis and downloadable charts. It’s free to sign up and easy to get started. Obtain actionable insights today.

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