Email Surveys & Track Campaigns Like a Pro

Send personalized emails and easily manage millions of contacts.

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With SurveyMonkey’s Email Invitation and Contacts, it’s easy to manage your survey email campaigns.

– Send polished, professional emails with our easy-to-customize template

– Track emails that opt out or bounce

– Import contacts directly from Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, and more

– Manage up to 2 million contacts and easily update information

– Create groups to sort and organize your contacts for specific surveys

Send personalized emails with your brand colors

With our new email template, you can quickly apply custom colors to your email invitation and create a personalized message for your recipients. We make it easy to send professional-looking emails with our simple editor—or you can choose to directly edit the HTML code yourself. Either way, it only takes a few minutes to send polished email invitations.

To personalize your emails for each and every recipient, you can insert data fields stored in Contacts, such as first name, last name, email addresses or a custom data field. You can also test your email invitation before you send it out to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

With certain paid plans, you can send email invitations to 10,000 contacts for each collector. Our BASIC customers can send out email invitations to 1,000 contacts for each collector.

Once you’ve sent out your survey invitations, you can personalize the follow-up messages you send. If anyone hasn’t completed your survey, send reminder messages asking for their feedback. Also send thank you messages to respondents who completed your survey.

Track your email campaigns with ease

After you send your email invitations, you can easily monitor who started and completed your survey. Any bounced emails that couldn’t be delivered will be flagged for you, so you know which email addresses are old or out of date. We also make it easy to comply with spam regulations by having an opt-out option available to your email recipients. Any recipients who opt out are automatically removed from any future emails you send from your account.

Manage millions of contacts easily

Besides tracking any bounced and opted-out email addresses, you can also create groups to easily sort and organize your contacts for specific surveys. Individual contacts can appear in multiple groups at one time, but you only need to update information, like a changed email address, in one place.

You can also connect directly to Gmail, and Yahoo!Mail to import contacts in just a few clicks. Contacts can also be imported by uploading a CSV file. To import contacts from email clients, such as Apple Mail or Outlook, create a CSV file of your contacts and then import them into SurveyMonkey. Each time you import contacts, you can choose whether you want to update information for any of your existing contacts.

Each contact can have up to six custom data fields to help you track information, such as location, professional information, and more. Custom data fields can help you get even deeper insights into your data. Use custom data fields when you analyze survey results to segment by specific information, such as location, profession, and more.

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3 quick tips to improve survey response rates

Here are some ideas to ensure that respondents will answer your surveys.

1. Be quick

If your survey is short and sweet, there's a greater chance that more respondents will complete it.

2. Offer incentives

Little incentives like small discount or an entry into a drawing can help ensure respondents complete your survey.

3. Buy a targeted audience

With SurveyMonkey Audience, you can purchase access to an audience who meets specific demographic criteria for your survey. It's a great way to get targeted responses from a specific group.

Here's why millions of people rely on SurveyMonkey

Unlimited surveys

Send as many surveys and quizzes as you want—even with free plans.

Fast answers

Easily create and send professional surveys. Get reliable results quickly.

Expert approved

Access pre-written questions and templates approved by our survey scientists.

Real-time results

Check results on the go from any device. Spot trends as data comes in.

Fresh ideas

Surveys give you more than just answers. Get feedback and new perspectives.

Actionable data

Extract and share insights from your data with your team.