Diversity & Inclusion at SurveyMonkey

At SurveyMonkey, our goal is to create an environment where everyone—no matter their background—can succeed.

“We want to create an environment where employees of every background feel comfortable and empowered.”

Zander Lurie, CEO

Celebrating diversity

At SurveyMonkey, our goal is to create an environment where everyone—no matter their background—can succeed, feel a sense of belonging, and learn from one another. We know that Diversity & Inclusion improves employee experience, helps us understand and serve our customers better, and makes us a stronger business. Building a culture of inclusion is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to pursuing a more balanced workplace.

Our pillars

Industry leadership

We strive to be an industry leader when it comes to both the makeup of our Troop and the data-driven Diversity and Inclusion insights we share. Diversity lets us bring a wider spectrum of backgrounds and perspectives to the table, so we can deliver innovative solutions for all our customers.

Genuine growth and belonging

We’re committed to creating an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to grow their career and be their authentic selves. This starts with listening to what our employees want, then acting to create change. By embedding inclusion into our processes, policies, and culture, we hope to build a workplace where people of every background can thrive.

Everyone plays a part

Everyone has a role to play in Diversity & Inclusion. We’re a community, and every member of our Troop influences our culture and contributes to our employees’ sense of belonging. It’s a journey we want our entire organization, at all levels, to participate in.

Diversity report

Our troop is always growing, and we’re committed to building a diverse workforce along the way. Here’s where we are right now:

Gender (All employees)

Race (All employees)

Data from June 2018
Leadership includes VP level and above
Percentages greater than 1 have been rounded up to whole numbers

Meet members of our troop

SurveyMonkey employees describe our culture and values in their own words.

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups help us build communities across the globe.


Supports Black and Latino employees, pushes for professional development, partners with outside organizations, and brings awareness to the challenges faced by Blatinos today.


Strengthens women’s presence as leaders in the workplace through educational programs, partnerships, and events.


Strengthens the experiences of Asians by increasing awareness of our multicultural community, fostering connections, and promoting professional development.

Women Who Tech

Furthers the careers of self-identified female engineers and allows them to feel supported in their current roles and in the SurveyMonkey community.


Creates an inclusive and celebratory environment for all employees, regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Continuing to stand up for what’s right


We believe creating a culture of equality is essential for innovation and success. To truly deliver for our customers, our Troop needs to reflect the communities we serve. We believe in equal rights, equal pay, and equal opportunity—and we will raise our voices, internally and externally, to support these values.


The benefits of building a workforce that’s not just diverse, but inclusive, are clear. At SurveyMonkey, we want employees to bring their full and authentic selves to work every day. We believe inclusion should be measured and actively cultivated, and know that understanding the lived experiences of our employees and giving them a voice helps build a true sense of belonging.


We take pride in providing our employees a supportive work environment that empowers them to balance work goals with life goals. We provide 16 weeks of parental paid leave and extended bereavement leave. We also provide our benefits not only to our full-time employees, but also to our vendors and contractors.

Where we are going

We are deeply committed to making SurveyMonkey a truly diverse and inclusive place. With the strong support of our CEO and leadership, and true passion from our employees, we’re working to create a culture that represents our values.

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Our Belonging & Inclusion template

At SurveyMonkey we not only want to build Diversity & Inclusion into our own business—we want to create positive change in the workplace as a whole. Our Belonging & Inclusion survey template helps businesses of all sizes measure and understand inclusiveness within their organization so they can take proactive steps toward change.

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Want to measure and support diversity and inclusion at your own company? Our end-to-end guide includes free templates and expert advice for building an inclusive company culture.

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