Customise The Look and Feel of Your Survey

Make it personal, and be your own brand champion.

Customisation Illustration

Tailor your survey to look and feel like a part of your website. Use familiar, brand-reassuring attributes to let respondents know that the surveys you send are coming from you. Make sure your survey matches your website, emails, and overall brand identity. It’s a great way to engage your survey takers—and ensure they complete your survey. Incorporating familiar look-and-feel elements will not only provide a seamless experience for respondents, but it will also boost response rates.

The result? You get the answers you need to make better decisions.

Here are some of the ways you can customise your survey:

  • Match your survey colour scheme to your website
  • Include images, including your company logo
  • Include your company name in the survey URL so respondents know it is an official questionnaire.
  • Create the survey in the same language as your site.
  • Serve up a custom thank you page once the survey is complete or send respondents back to your site.
  • Customise your survey URL so that it’s easy for your survey takers to remember

You can even create a custom theme according to the subject matter of your survey. Not only can you show off your school mascot and colours, you can also create unique themes to celebrate special events or occasions. Use autumn colours for example to send out an event planning survey for the Harvest Ball. Use your basketball team’s colours to create tournament brackets. Whether you need to reinforce brand continuity, or make your surveys more personal, the possibilities are endless.

NOTE: Our free basic account does offer a variety of pre-set colour themes to choose from, along with the ability to create a survey in any language.

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