Customer Experience Management Software for Your Business

Automate your customer feedback with CEM software tools.

Happy Business People In MeetingYour customer service team, marketers, and product developers all have something in common: The voice of the customer guides their decisions.

But what unifies these roles, from sales to support, can also divide them. Even though every team and department in your organisation knows they need to provide a great customer experience in order to gain loyal customers and stay competitive, it’s likely they each have their own method of conducting customer research and managing customer feedback.

That’s why we built our customer experience management (CEM) software designed to provide you with a solution for end-to-end customer care. Centralize how you collect customer feedback, manage customer service, and analyse standard metrics to benchmark your progress and set goals:

  • Collect real-time website feedback via modal surveys
  • Set up auto-responses triggered by customer feedback
  • Nurture customer relationships with automated follow-up surveys
  • Manage and analyse feedback, all in one place
  • Get industry benchmarks to compare with the data you collect

What SurveyMonkey customer experience management software can do for your business

When you use our customer relationship management platform, your company benefits externally and internally. Everybody in your company is aligned when it comes to customer care—and this helps you present customers with a consistent brand experience that delivers on its promises for excellent customer service.

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1. Centralize how you manage customer feedback management

Want to collect real-time customer feedback via surveys, SMS communications, mobile app integrations, and more? We’ve got you covered, so you never have to leave the conversation you’re having with customers. For example, set up an in-site trigger so that a customer who abandons their shopping cart without checking out can tell you why. Or send follow-up customer satisfaction surveys to figure out what things your customers actually care about and what is not really that important to them

2. Provide excellent customer service 24/7

Everybody on our customer experience management platform can access—and respond to—customer feedback night and day. SurveyMonkey has already gone mobile, so you can monitor incoming survey feedback on the go. And we’ll notify you as your results come in, so you never miss your opportunity to respond to a customer request again.

3. Get the website and product feedback you need to stay competitive

Streamline how you run all of your user research studies with market research surveys that are designed to get consumer insights on your product, service, or website. Make sure your website is intuitive and optimized for a great user experience—and follow up with a customer after a purchase to ask what they did or didn’t like about your product. You can even send concept testing surveys to your target market–so consumers can help you choose winning copy and design for your ads, logos, landing pages.

4. Make sure your employees are engaged and aligned on companywide goals

You’re collecting feedback on your product, service, website, customer service team, and more. But what do you do with this information?

For one, SurveyMonkey’s customer experience management software provides you with standard metrics that make it easier for your company to set internal benchmarks, which allow you to set goals and track your progress when it comes to customer care.

But you can also use these standard scores, for example the Net Promoter® Score—which is used by companies around the world to track customer loyalty—to see where you stand against your biggest competitors.

5. Give your customers the care they deserve—and boost customer loyalty

According to our research, your customers are more likely to shop with you than your competitors if you provide them with a great customer service experience. And they’re likely to share an excellent customer service experience with family or friends. So why not see what our customer experience management platform can do for you?

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