Child Behaviours Survey Template

Expert template imageDo you work with parents who are struggling with their child’s behaviour? Do parents ask you if their child is displaying age-appropriate actions? The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s experts designed this child behaviours survey to help parents understand if their children’s actions are developmentally appropriate. It looks specifically at their organisational patterns and how well they manage their emotions and self-control.

What’s in the Child Behaviours Survey Template?

If you work as an educator, mental health professional, or in paediatrics, use our child behaviours template survey to help parents understand if their child’s behaviour falls within the “normal” range, as compared to other kids their age. This survey asks parents to answer questions about how distracted their child tends to get, if their child manages emotions well, and if the child is capable of working independently on activities while at home. Customise or add questions to this template depending on the types of behaviours you want to learn about.

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