SurveyMonkey Case Studies

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Download our case studies today to take a peek at how other organizations are using SurveyMonkey to get answers to their questions. See how SurveyMonkey can help you conduct market research, streamline employee training and HR practices, resolve issues, and much more:

Tam Airlines case study

HR Practices & Employee Engagement

Find out how Tam Airlines upped their employee engagement, streamlined HR practices—and saved money doing it!

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Nexonia case study

Product Development

Not sure what your customers need most? See how Nexonia used customer feedback to shape their product roadmap.

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Liftopia case studyPartner Relationships

Liftopia used SurveyMonkey for Salesforce to better understand their partner relationships.

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Hearst Magazine case study

Staff Training

Find out two small changes that Hearst Magazines learned to make their employee training more successful.

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