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Starting a company? Launching a new product line? Concept testing is easier than ever with our SurveyMonkey Audience consumer panel.


Create products that delight consumers
Avoid launching a product that doesn't improve people's lives—and that ultimately doesn't sell.
Invest your budget on a sure winner
New products that turn into instant hits are rare. Beat the odds with fast, cost-effective concept testing.
Real-time results from consumers worldwide
With our global panel, you can test your product innovation ideas in over 100 countries and see the first results in minutes.
Why do product development research?
Building a new product is a big investment, so you need to validate your concept. Survey your target market to find out whether:
  •'re solving a real problem
  • of your ideas is a clear winner
  • ...your final concept has the right features
  • ...your product will sell
With a fast, cost-effective consumer panel like Audience, you can bring product testing into your development process.
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When to do product and concept testing

Is that product idea you just had crazy? Or a slam dunk? Ask the consumers who will have the final say! SurveyMonkey Audience is the fast, cost-effective research solution for every stage of your product development process.

Market assessment

Does the market need your product? Who is the ideal customer? How large is the sales opportunity?

Product ideation

Use concept testing to see which features are necessary and what would make your product stand out.

Product testing

Show your prototypes and mockups to potential customers and see which version they are more likely to buy... and why!

Package testing and shelf testing

To make your product idea shine even brighter, make sure its design and packaging also resonate with your customers.

Price testing

Know what price is too high for your customers, but also what's so low that they'd doubt your product's quality.

Lifecycle research

Keep listening to your market post launch to expand your brand awareness and find clever line extensions.
Why SurveyMonkey Audience is the ideal product testing solution

Reach any group of people

Talk to any demographic you need using our targeting options and custom screening questions.

Go global and go fast

Your survey results from over 100 countries will start rolling in in a matter of minutes.

Keep bias at bay

Use our randomization options for questions, pages, or blocks of pages, to get the most reliable results.

Feel assured about your choices

Use statistical significance testing to have greater confidence in your results.
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"I was able to get data quickly, without a lot of learning in advance. I'm a novice and SurveyMonkey Audience allowed me to do professional research."
Michael Paris
Product Manager,
Leo Burnett

It's easy to get started

Select your target audience by demographics, consumer behavior, geography, and more.
Launch projects automatically and on your schedule. Monitor them 24/7.
Watch your results start rolling in minutes after launch. And start making decisions fast!

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