Survey who you want,
when you want

Custom targeting. Flexible timing and pricing. Powerful analytics and reporting.


SurveyMonkey Audience features

Here’s what you need to run your own market research, fast.
Reach the right people
Target niche markets beyond our pre-profiled attributes with custom screening question.
Age Balance
Access a balanced online sample
Get representative results or remove balancing for more flexible targeting.
  • Get online sample representative of current demographics
  • Customize gender or age buckets to match your target audience
  • Remove balancing to get results faster if you don’t need a representative sample
Load Audience Credits into your account for easier invoicing and checkout LEARN MORE
Expedite your project
Put your survey at the top of the list by enabling High Priority Status at checkout.
  • Qualified respondents will be routed to your survey ahead of standard-priority projects
  • Perfect for time-sensitive needs like PR tracking and issues management
  • Start analyzing your results right away from your desktop or mobile app
Check out faster
Choose from multiple payment options built to accommodate business invoicing flows.
  • Pay via credit or debit card, direct bank deposit, or wire transfer
  • Load prepaid Audience Credits into your account for smart budget setting and quicker project launches
  • Reference a Purchase Order number in the invoice for internal tracking
Analyze real-time results
Dig into your survey results and reveal data trends with SurveyMonkey’s Analyze tool.
  • Filter and compare subsets of your data
  • Customize charts and labels for presentation-ready reports
  • Export data and reports in popular formats like Excel, SPSS, and PPT
"SurveyMonkey Audience has lowered our costs and increased our efficiency in creating quality surveys for our clients."
Ryan Adkins
Brand Strategist, EKR