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Get survey responses from around the world in minutes

Easily find your ideal respondents for market research with SurveyMonkey Audience.

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Choose your target market and send a survey in minutes for real-time results.


Reach millions of qualified people around the world, profiled by demographic attributes.


Tap into our cost-effective survey panel and analyze results anytime, anywhere.

Be the “ideas person” at work

Verify gut instincts. Test creative concepts.
Always have market research insights that drive business forward.

A/B concept testing

Test new concepts

Find out if your idea’s a winner before investing a lot of time and money. Quickly A/B test and refine creative assets, messaging, and new product ideas.

Measure brand performance

How recognizable is your brand? Are you trusted? Highly recommended? Assess and track your position in the market, from awareness to reputation.

Audience market segmentation

Perform market segmentation

Get crucial demographic information about your target market locally—and globally. See purchase behavior, attitudes, and values to hone your strategy.

Get the right answers faster than you expect

"One time I targeted a survey right before leaving the office. I was actually on the subway home and received a notification on my phone that my results were already in."

Anna Konopacz
Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights

Survey your target market today

Get real-time feedback from around the world in minutes.

Not ready to pick your audience?

SurveyMonkey Audience is a powerful global consumer panel that enables you to buy survey responses in more than 100 countries. Audience is the fastest, easiest Do-It-Yourself market research solution.

Choose from millions of real people in our panel and start getting results in minutes. Target consumers by demographics, launch and monitor projects on your schedule, analyze your results, and turn them into actionable insights fast—and make better business decisions.

SurveyMonkey Audience gets you instant feedback for many market research use cases: ad testing, product development, content marketing, brand tracking, consumer behavior, investment research, crisis management, and more. You can easily manage your research budget with Audience Credits, choose from multiple payment options, and expedite your survey results choosing Express Delivery at checkout.

Use SurveyMonkey Audience and get global access to Market Powered Data anytime, anywhere.