360-Degree Employee Evaluation Survey Template

Expert template imageThe 360-degree method of evaluating co-workers is a popular, effective way for everyone in an organisation to evaluate everyone else – and to be evaluated. Use our expert-certified 360-degree employee evaluation survey when you want to know more about any of your employees. It’s set up to offer evaluations for supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates.

What’s in the 360-Degree Employee Evaluation Survey Template?

Send this 360-degree employee evaluation survey to everyone in your organisation and get feedback on employee behaviours so that you can offer suggestions and guidance. Make your organisation a great place to work by helping everyone do the best at their jobs. The survey asks co-workers to rate others on their timeliness, job effectiveness, and how professional they are on the job. Learn how people rate others, and see how others rate them. You can even customise this form to ask questions specific to your workplace.

To create a survey using the 360-Degree Employee Evaluation survey template, just sign up or sign in to SurveyMonkey. You’ll be able to choose the template when you begin creating a survey.