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SurveyMonkey + Mashery = APIs and launch of developer portal

SurveyMonkey + Mashery = APIs and launch of developer portal

All of us here at SurveyMonkey love nothing better than to help you make better decisions with the latest and greatest in online survey technology. So we’re thrilled to introduce to you the latest addition to our survey family: the SurveyMonkey API!

Hold up–A what now?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and this allows computers to talk to one another either through an application (app) or through a mashup with another Internet service. So what exactly does this mean for you, dear survey designers? The world’s most popular online survey technology (yep, ours!) is now available to you when and where you want it, whether it’s on your phone or your desktop.

With this in mind, we’ve launched a developer portal which gives access to our new data APIs. Both the portal and the APIs, powered by Mashery–the leader in API management platforms and services–now make it easier than ever to integrate the power of SurveyMonkey into mobile and web apps. It also means you can collect insight and analysis capabilities faster than you can say “monkey”!

The SurveyMonkey API helps you easily add the number one online survey solution functionality to any application. This is one more step toward our vision of making it possible for everyone to get the insights they need to make better decisions, and now companies of all sizes have access to our powerful online survey platform.

Our main monkey, Dave Goldberg

We monkeys want to give a warm welcome to our owl buddies over at HootSuite, the leading social media management system. They’re one of the first companies to take advantage of our new APIs, with an integration into the HootSuite dashboard planned for later this quarter.

“We’re excited about enabling our customers to survey members of their social communities, as well as view and analyze real-time survey results, from the same place they manage and execute social campaigns,” says Mark Holder, Director of Integration Partners at HootSuite. “SurveyMonkey’s data APIs allow us to do just that, and we’re excited to utilize this innovative offering.”

Jooners, who help folks create amazing online signup sheets, and Trackerbird, a software analytics tool, have also integrated our primate technology with the help of our developer portal, starring an easy-to-use interface and Mashery’s I/O Docs.

What does this mean for them?

Check it out:

  • Create customer support alerts based on type of responses–flagging negative, or positive customer experiences in real time
  • Add contacts to an email newsletter or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution
  • Generate a quick demographic snapshot of their respondents
  • Simple ‘n easy distribution of a survey URL to all marketing channels (email and social media)
  • Quickly add a survey respondent to a newsletter contact list
  • Push survey responses into an aggregated Human Resources (HR) dashboard–view all HR related metrics in one place

Other developers who’ve integrated our snazzy survey technology within email, events and social applications include our current partners MailChimp, Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign, CleverReach, Eventbrite and GroSocial. They can each send out surveys to their customers and target audiences wherever they are, whether through an email campaign or social media channels.

Having customers take a survey within their own platform also improves the chances for collecting helpful feedback which in turn gives companies the valuable insights needed to help them make better business decisions. A win-win for everyone.

Stay tuned as we continue to add API methods for new and creative integrations!

To learn more, we’d love to hear from you! Send an email to: api-support@surveymonkey.com or drop us a line in the Comments section below.