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SurveyMonkey CX: New features for our cool customers

SurveyMonkey CX: New features for our cool customers

Building a best-in-class NPS® program just got easier! Our team has been hard at work creating new features to help you deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Read on to learn more about the new survey design, administration, and localization capabilities we’ve added to SurveyMonkey CX.

1. Customize the NPS question and NPS Follow-Up question

You can now edit the language of the NPS question just by clicking the “Edit the NPS question” button during survey set-up.

Additionally, you can edit the Follow-Up question based on sentiment. You have the option to display different question language for:

  • Promoters (e.g. “Great! We love happy customers! Please tell us why you gave the score you did”)
  • Passives (“Please tell us what we can do better”)
  • and Detractors (“Sorry about your experience. What didn’t meet your expectations?”)

This allows you to take a different, more personalized approach based on people’s responses.

2. Personalize your NPS survey emails

Want to customize the email your NPS survey recipients get? No problem. You can modify not only the email itself, but also the Sender Name, From Address, and Invitation Subject Line. Making sure everything looks right before sending is as easy as using the Preview functionality.

3. Delete responses

Sometimes you have responses in your data set that aren’t supposed to be there—for example, when you send your survey to colleagues for testing purposes. Now it’s easy to delete those responses (either individually, or in batches of up to 25 at a time) to increase the fidelity of your data.

4. Close and Pause surveys

Discontinued a product? Want to present data at a certain date, and don’t want straggler responses trickling in? We’ve got you covered: now you can close or pause surveys.

If you close a survey, any scheduled invitations will be deleted. Or put your surveys on hold by pausing them. Scheduled invitations will still be sent, but while the survey is paused, people won’t be able to access them.

You can re-open or un-pause a survey any time you like.

5. New survey languages: Dutch and Chinese

Hallo and ni hao! Our multilingual survey library continues to expand with the additions of Dutch and Chinese (joining French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish).

6. In-product survey and email translation

Our multilingual interface just got easier! In addition to using the PO file process, you can now easily translate your surveys and emails directly within SurveyMonkey CX.

Want to see all the features at work? Log in or schedule a sales demo today!

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