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How can I copy my survey? Ask a Survey Expert!

How can I copy my survey? Ask a Survey Expert!

Dear SurveyMonkey Expert,

I sent out a survey last year and I want to keep those responses, but I need to make changes to the survey design. It says I can’t change the survey questions once I have responses collected! Is there a way for me to copy the survey and create a new version? Will the data copy over?  I’d love to get your expertise on this!


Hey there, Gordon!

Copying your survey is a great way to keep your current survey and its responses intact. It’s a quick and easy process. All you need to do to get started is click that handy Create Survey button in the top right of your account.

Once there, you’ll see an option to ‘Copy an Existing Survey’. Go ahead and pick the survey you want to copy! You can give it a brand new name, or leave it as it is. It’s good you asked about copying the responses. This feature will only copy the survey design. This means that the collectors and data from last year’s survey will remain on your original design.

It’s as simple as that, Gordon! You now have a brand spankin’ new survey design to jazz up. Hopefully you’re feeling a bit more copy-happy, and a little less copy-crazed. Happy surveying!

Best wishes,

Your friendly SurveyMonkey Expert