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Send, share, and collaborate on surveys—without ever leaving Slack

Send, share, and collaborate on surveys—without ever leaving Slack

Nothing makes a point like a great piece of data.

It can persuade people that your point of view is the right one or neatly refute a bad idea from someone else. The problem is that you have to switch gears (and tabs) to get that information, breaking you away from the conversation.

Want to find that one piece of survey data? Quick! Sign in to SurveyMonkey—wait what’s your password again?—oh, right, so now just find the correct survey and—whoops, too late! The moment has passed.

Slack SurveyMonkey integration

Don’t miss your opportunity. With the SurveyMonkey integration for Slack, you can get the exact information you need, in half the steps, without ever leaving your conversation in Slack.

As soon as you type “/survey” into your message box, your Slack account and your SurveyMonkey account aren’t separate any more. Slack takes all your surveys from your SurveyMonkey library and puts them into a dropdown menu for you to easily access from your Slack conversation.

Message Menus are a brand-new feature from Slack, and we think they’re pretty great. They allow you to quickly sift through a ton of options, without distracting you from your conversation with your team.

Let your team comment on your survey

The best surveys are the ones you work on together with your team. They cover more ground because they reflect the ideas of your whole team, and they’re more succinct because the feedback from your team has helped focus them. That’s why we love survey commenting, and it’s even better when you do it in the context of a Slack conversation.

Commenting on surveys through Slack

Stay on top of your survey with notifications from Slack

When you’re working together on a survey as a team, making sure everyone is on the same page is as important as anything. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to set notifications in your team’s Slack channel, so everyone knows when someone has made a comment on your survey or when you’ve gotten a new response. Want to simplify it even more? Set up a daily update that tracks all the activity on your survey.

Setting Slack channel notifications

Get your team to take your survey

Need to know what’s on your team’s mind? Posting a survey into a Slack channel might be the perfect solution for you. Don’t send your survey to a cluttered email inbox, post it where they’re already having a conversation.

Show the whole company your results—or just a single channel

Want to share your survey results with your team? How about the whole company? You choose which channels you want to share your results on, without having to copy or paste a single link.

Adding surveys in Slack

Bonus round! Send quick polls; get quick feedback

Need help answering a short question or just want to get a quick gut check on an idea? You can make a survey from inside Slack! Quickly whip up a poll using /ask, post it, and your message will show how people on your team responded.

The best part? SurveyMonkey automatically saves that poll in your SurveyMonkey library in case you want to come back to it later.

Pro tip: Remember, if you ever get stuck or confused using the integration, just type /surveymonkey help and you’ll get the help you need.

Using the SurveyMonkey integration for Slack can cut out a lot of the extra steps it takes to collaborate on surveys. That doesn’t just save you time; it keeps you in the conversation.

You don’t have to go rummaging through other tabs to find the info (or survey) you need to contribute to the conversation. You can deliver it to your team fast, and without ever leaving Slack.