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New survey templates to help you get started

New survey templates to help you get started

Whenever we ask customers what resources you’re most likely to use when developing your surveys, you consistently tell us: survey templates.

With that in mind, we recently updated our entire library of survey templates–both those available in our professional plans as well as in our free plan–using questions from the SurveyMonkey Question Bank. Question Bank is a database of thousands of questions that allows you to find and add commonly asked questions by category. Every question and response set has been written in a methodologically sound way to reduce bias and give you the most accurate answers.

Example Templates

When you choose a survey template from any category, you’re starting with a set of questions written by methodology experts. You can easily customize your survey by adding or removing questions as needed.

We’ve include a dozen of our new survey templates here for you to check out. Simply click on the links below:

Currently, we have 64 survey templates available in our professional plans and 39 in our free plan. We’re always adding new questions to Question Bank and new templates to our library, so let us know if there are specific questions or templates you’d like to see us add by commenting below.