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How a company on a mission put a human face on customer service

How a company on a mission put a human face on customer service

If you’ve ever wondered about the person on the other end of a customer service call, here’s food for thought. Televerde, a global demand generation company, has employed over 2,000 women in corrections as teleservices agents, offering them the opportunity to learn new job skills, and get a head start on a career that could make a huge impact on their future—and their families.

It’s a unique approach that highlights Televerde’s belief that their success is tied to the success of their people, customers, and the community. It seems to be working—Televerde’s client list includes tech giants SAP, Marketo, and Avaya, and its footprint has expanded to Scotland, Argentina, and Australia.

Possibly the most impressive results: While the average rate of women in prison repeating offenses can be as high as 65%, the rate for Televerde’s incarcerated employees ending up back in jail is just 6%.

How surveys provided insights for measurable improvement

When your company mission statement includes terms like “People Matter” and “Be Curious,” odds are good that customer care is a high priority. When Michelle Cirocco moved from client success to lead global marketing at Televerde, she and CEO James Hooker agreed to change the approach on how the company would support customers.

Their plan was to use surveys to accomplish 2 goals:

  1. Monitor Televerde’s Net Promoter Score® (NPS)®, an indicator of customer sentiment
  2. Automatically integrate collected survey data into their Salesforce® instance where teams could take action in their areas of responsibility

Televerde wanted to make sure that survey data was available across the company and integrated within other systems. Their existing survey tool lacked effective integration with Salesforce, and declining technical support chipped away at the functionality. Survey data wasn’t being used effectively.

Michelle was familiar with the power of SurveyMonkey, “I used SurveyMonkey on the side for various reasons,” she said. “Internal surveys, client feedback, building programs—there are dozens of uses for the captured information.”

After upgrading to SurveyMonkey Enterprise, Televerde launched regular surveys and began reporting their overall NPS and CSAT score on a quarterly basis.

“Surveys are visible in our Salesforce system. All the information is right there and readily available,” says Michelle. “It makes it much easier to see the history of the relationship.”

Televerde has implemented a system to immediately address issues with clients. “If anyone scores us 5 or 6 on NPS, it’s immediately escalated to our client success manager, so they can find out what’s wrong,” says Michelle. “Scores of less than 5 are escalated to the VP of our client success team.”

Televerde doesn’t only use surveys in their contact center. The company also does surveys at different points in time to collect anecdotal information. Televerde hosted a TEDx—the first to be held inside an Arizona prison—inspired by Michelle and designed to reveal the potential of incarcerated women.

After the event, Michelle used SurveyMonkey to trigger a survey to all attendees and see how the message was received. She received a 60% response rate within the week, and a near perfect overall NPS score of 96. “To get that feedback so quickly is incredibly helpful for us,” says Michelle.

Making survey data actionable throughout the customer lifecycle

Televerde sends out surveys tied to the different stages of the customer lifecycle using SurveyMonkey Enterprise for Salesforce integration. Customers get a survey when they sign a contract, another after onboarding, and one more when they pass the 90-day mark.  

This data is used to report up through the organization. Each department that is responsible for the different parts of the lifecycle can own their impact. “We can monitor and measure clients, even when they are in a passive state.”

The result? “Integrating survey feedback within Salesforce really helps us keep a handle on the pulse of our clients, improve customer retention, and increase customer satisfaction.”

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