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Give your surveys a visual touch with image answer options

Give your surveys a visual touch with image answer options

Forget about manually resizing images. For the Image Choice question, add images of any size (just not teeny tiny ones or big ol’ huge ones, OK?) and SurveyMonkey will resize them into uniformly sized frames.

It’ll look good on mobile, every time. When you insert images using the Image Choice or Click Map question types they’ll be optimized for both mobile and desktop.

Analyze bar chart with captions

Want to get real time, gut reaction feedback on an image?

With Click Map you can ask survey takers what part of your packaging they find most appealing, or which part of your site is most user friendly—just by clicking a certain spot on the image. Similar to a heat map, you get to see where people are clicking in real time which helps reduce bias.

Survey product example

When you’re ready to analyze the data, head over to the Analyze Results section and you’ll see the image and where people clicked.

Like this:

Product shot example
Image choices for ad testing

Website feedback: You can use Click Map questions to get immediate feedback on what your customers like about your site, or where they could use a bit more guidance. For example, asking them where they would click to log in, or which promotional banner they’re most interested in.

Survey example: Which part of our websites do you find most visually appealing?
Image choices for quizzes