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Do your employees trust your employee engagement solution?

Do your employees trust your employee engagement solution?

How Desert Diamond, a tribally-owned and operated casino and hotel, is going all-in on employee engagement.

Ascencion Muniz, Assistant Director of Organizational Development for Desert Diamond Casino, had a problem.

“For years, we’ve used different engagement processes. We’ve created surveys ourselves, we’ve contracted with full-service vendors to manage the process, we’ve partnered with consultants ...  but we were always left to our own devices when it came to using the data.”

In his 27 years with the organization, Ascencion had seen a host of employee engagement initiatives come and go. None of them seemed to work for their needs. To make matters worse, employees were becoming cynical of further attempts to engage them.

“We had team members saying, ‘This is a flash in the pan. You guys never do anything for long enough. No one ever follows up,’” Ascencion explains. “We've never had a process in place long enough to instill in our team members a sense of safety, or a real sense that something is going to happen with these surveys.”

Sometimes the right answer is in plain sight

Ascencion and his colleague, Michele Gibbons (HR Project Coordinator), were already very happy SurveyMonkey Enterprise customers. Their account representative heard about their problems and introduced them to SurveyMonkey’s end-to-end employee engagement solution, SurveyMonkey Engage.

“The speed and accuracy with which SurveyMonkey Engage works really excited us. We saw pretty quickly that it would solve our previous problems.”

Ascencion Muniz, Assistant Director of Organizational Development

Working with their previous vendor, Ascencion and Michele waited 8 to 9 months for their employee engagement survey results. By the time they got them, the data was so stale that it was unusable.

But when they showed Engage to their executive team, “Heads were nodding over the real-time data. Also, the universality of the questions appealed to us: everyone from a front line team member to the CEO saw that the questions were relevant to them.”

The value of speed to insight

In a relatively short time, SurveyMonkey Engage’s automated monthly surveys have helped Desert Diamond cash in on a slew of benefits. For one, they’ve been able to collect and take swift action on confidential employee feedback, addressing issues before they turn into larger problems.

With all of their fresh, relevant data, Ascencion and Michele have also been able to hold regular discussions with executive leadership and management teams—helping instill the idea that “engagement and satisfaction is not just an HR responsibility. It’s a leadership responsibility.”

Ascencion continues, “Because of Engage’s frequency and real-time reporting, we’re able to put it in leadership’s toolbox so that they’re driving the engagement and satisfaction improvement process.”

A solution you can trust means data you can trust

Not only has Desert Diamond hit the jackpot with SurveyMonkey Engage’s ability to quickly gather employee engagement data—but with its built-in expertise, intuitive user experience, and anonymity protections, employees feel comfortable speaking their minds. This is critical, especially with a disengaged, potentially jaded workforce.

Ascencion and Michele have been able to engage team members in frank conversations, sharing concerns, discussing areas of opportunity, and identifying where problems exist.

“Our team members are definitely starting to feel heard,” Michele says, “and they’ve never felt that before. It’s very powerful. People are literally saying that things are starting to get better.”

Ascencion agrees. “They’re demonstrating much more support and trust. That has a huge business impact for us.”

Don’t roll the dice on employee engagement

Employee engagement can have a massive impact on a business’s bottom line. So investing in a solution that quickly gains employees’ trust, helps uncover valuable insights, and uses automation and built-in expertise to make your team’s job easier is a big win.

“It would us take 7 years to get where SurveyMonkey Engage has gotten us in 7 months.”

Ascencion Muniz

Interested in learning more? Check out SurveyMonkey Engage today.