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Better qualify and nurture leads with SurveyMonkey for Marketo

Better qualify and nurture leads with SurveyMonkey for Marketo

If you’re using Marketo to launch email campaigns, manage leads, and run nurture programs, you understand the power of automation. But you’re missing one vital piece of the puzzle: customer feedback.

What do we mean? Marketo users know—because they’ve been asking for it!

Imagine sending surveys to your Marketo leads and being able to see their feedback alongside their information.

Their responses could indicate that they’re interested in one of your products or services. And suddenly your sales team has enough information to get in touch.

Now you can stop imagining and start connecting the dots. We’re excited to announce the SurveyMonkey for Marketo integration, which syncs your survey results with your Marketo leads.

Survey and customer data used to live in isolation, making it nearly impossible to act quickly on feedback. They now work together, automatically, to help you better understand customers, increase audience engagement, and improve your marketing results.

How SurveyMonkey for Marketo works

Once you connect your survey, we collect the data and send it via API to the right lead record in Marketo. And if you gain a new lead through your survey, SurveyMonkey automatically creates a new lead record. Another great feature is the ability to create Smart Lists based on survey responses, so you’re sure to send the right message to the right leads.

Want to see SurveyMonkey for Marketo in action? Watch the video below:

Why use surveys with Marketo

When you can see your survey data in Marketo, you get a powerful way to increase marketing qualified leads. That’s because you’ll know more about your target audience and learn the best ways to market and sell to them.

And SurveyMonkey for Marketo lets you gather feedback throughout the sales process, so you can better segment customers and deliver relevant campaigns that keeps them engaged.

Want to learn more? See how SurveyMonkey for Marketo can drive measurable marketing results for your business!