1. Introduction

The aim of this survey is to find out what school staff, parents/carers and pupils think about the timing of school holidays and how the school year should look. 
Dates for 2018/19 have already been set.  This survey is about the school year 2019/20 and beyond.
Your responses to this survey will help to shape the school year.
All responses are anonymous.
A report with recommendations based on the survey response will go to the Education, Children and Families Committee in December 2017 for approval.

* 1. About you
Are you a:
(Please tick all that apply).

* 2. School holidays
Currently, there are two in-service days immediately after the end of the summer holidays. 

Removing these would mean an earlier return to school although the days would need to be scheduled elsewhere.  There are five in-service days in total across the school year.

Is it preferable to have the two in-service days immediately after the summer holidays rather than at other times of the year?

* 3. Is the second last full week in October the best timing for the ‘October break’?
Answering 'no' answer means that it could be varied and that the week could be earlier or later.

* 4. Should there be two weeks holiday at Christmas?

* 5. How close to Christmas Day should the Christmas holidays start?

* 6. Currently there is a week-long break in February.  Should this continue?

* 7. Currently local holidays (April spring holiday, Victoria day, September autumn holiday) are included in the holiday pattern.  Should this continue?

* 8. If the February break was shortened and local holidays given up, which holidays should the extra days be added to?

* 9. Should the Easter holiday be a fixed two weeks regardless of when Easter falls?
For example, in session 2016/17, the Easter holiday was 11 days long rather than 10 days to include Easter Monday.
(NB Good Friday and Easter Monday would remain as statutory holidays).

* 10. Structure of the school year
The following questions are about how the school year is structured.  They ask about the current structure of three terms each year and whether there is any interest in exploring the possibility that this could be changed.  There is also a question about the timing of the summer holiday. 
The total amount of time spent in school would not change.
Please say how much you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree
I am broadly satisfied with the current three term year.
It makes sense for term dates in Edinburgh to be similar to those of neighbouring authorities (i.e. East, West and Midlothian and Fife).
It would be good to explore the possibility of moving to a school year of four shorter terms instead.
It would be good to start the summer holidays later so that they coincide with the Edinburgh Festival

* 11. Please use the space below to expand on any of your answers.