Homework Survey
In response to feedback from parents and carers regarding homework at East Craigs Primary School, please take time to complete the following survey to give us your views.  There is a section at the end for you to leave your comments.  The results of the survey will be taken into consideration when we review our Homework Policy.

* 1. Do you think having homework is important?

* 2. How often do you think homework should be given?

* 3. Should homework include a weekend, to allow working families more time and flexibility to complete it?                                                                                                          

* 4. For which areas of the curriculum do you think that homework should be given?
(Please tick all that apply).

* 5. What should be the purpose of homework?
(Please tick all that apply).

* 6. How long does your child spend doing homework?

* 7. Of the time that your child/children spend doing homework (suggested maximum of 20 minutes per night) how much support do you give?

* 8. Please leave your comments about how you feel homework should be taken forward at East Craigs Primary School.